Video Technology Inspection

Video Technology saves you money on sewer repair and slab leak repair.

Today's technology has really allowed the plumbing industry to advance our abilities and enables us to be more accurate and precise in our practices. Drain video inspecting is among those advances. Before the camera became available if a home or business had a clogged or broken sewer drain they had few options to fix it besides digging up the pipe by hand to find the pipe and where the problem was located.

Video technology pinpoints the plumbing repair problem exactly where it is located.

Thanks to our drain video inspecting, a plumber can see exactly what the problem is without digging at all by simply running the camera through your sewer line to detect the problem and locate exactly where it is on your property - our camera systems we use have self leveling which means it takes less time and money to fix.

The amount that it costs to get a video inspection far outweighs the benefits of knowing exactly where the problem is and eliminates the need for excavating a large area that will have to be replaced. We can run a sewer camera to determine the location and extent of the damage.

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