Do’s and Don’ts of Drain Cleaning

Unless you live in a brand new home, you probably have had, or will have drain problems in the future. Over the years you collect hair, soap scum, toothpaste and many other types of liquids from sinks and showers that cause your drain lines to build up. Here are some tips from All County Plumbing on how to handle drain cleaning.

DO NOT buy drain cleaner at a local grocery or hardware store. These products are only successful on drains that are not very clogged. Many of these drain cleaners might slightly help for a quick fix for a day or two, but won’t fix the underlying problem.

DO NOT put vinegar and hot water down your drains. Although this old helpful home tip does work, it isn’t the best route to go. Putting vinegar and hot water down your drains does help solve the problem, by disintegrating the build up, but it also damages your pipes and will be even more costly in the future.

DO NOT try snaking out your drains yourself because it can be dangerous. A snake is made of a steel cable that if coiled the wrong way can snap and cut anything in the vicinity, including you! Although a snake can be rented for about $60, if you have not used one before, we definitely DO NOT recommend this.

DO get your drains snaked out by a professional. Snaking a drain is the best option for removing most debris and will We don’t want to see any of our valued customers hurt. Contact All County Plumbing or call us at (828) 322-3472 to come snake out your drains and do it right the first time, to prevent the same issue occurring again.

DO get your sewer lines jetted out. Sometimes, the problem isn’t in the drain lines but the sewer lines. In this case, it is best to get your sewer line jetted out with a jetter. Again, this is a piece of equipment you may be able to rent, but it is probably cheaper to call a local plumbing company that already has the equipment on hand.

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