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We offer installation and repairs for sewer lines using video technology.

No more random digging to find problems with your sewer lines! With our video technology, All County Plumbing can help you maintain your landscaping during sewer line troubles. Our small video camera inserted into your sewer line is a welcome switch from the backhoe’s of yesterday! At All County Plumbing, we’ll diagnose the problem and fix it in a short time.

Slab Leak repair using video technology

At All County Plumbing, we’ve seen too many slab leaks that have caused tremendous damage on a foundation. Slab leaks are very serious and should be addressed immediately. In fact, because pipes often run under the concrete foundation of a home, leaks can cause the foundation to heave or crack. When wet spots appear, they can be an indication that mold is starting to grow, creating a greater hazard to the health of your family.

We know to look for the possible causes of slab leaks -- hard water, pipe corrosion, shifting foundations or poor workmanship during plumbing installation. If you suspect a slab leak, call All County Plumbing immediately to help locate the leak.

Video technology saves you time and money on your plumbing repairs.

All County Plumbing can also utilize a drain camera to determine the location and extent of the damage. This “trenchless technology” can help avoid the expense of tearing up the foundation of your home. All County Plumbing can quickly pinpoint the leak and save you money.

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