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At All County Plumbing, it’s important to us to offer the best. If our customers are satisfied, they’ll recommend us to others. That’s why we work hard to provide the ultimate in customer service, the most competitive rates and master plumbers who know how to quickly and efficiently find the solution to your plumbing challenges.

At All County Plumbing, it’s our job to help you understand the details of your plumbing projects and to be there when you have emergencies. It’s our job to help you prevent plumbing problems from happening and when they do, it’s our goal to keep your repair costs down and your satisfaction levels up!

All County Plumbing is proud to be your Lenoir, NC plumbing provider!

Lenoir, NC Drain Cleaning and Repair

The major plumbing irritant for many homeowners is clogged drains. Often, if a drain clogs once, it can clog over and over again unless it is fixed correctly. Our master plumbers are experts at drain repair and cleaning. We have the ability to check the drain for preventative measures and we provide emergency service for those untimely clogs.

In Lenoir, NC, Our Plumbing Services Include:

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